We provide a wide range of garden services to meet your requirements. You'll find details of the services we offer listed on this page.

To arrange a no obligation quote, or if you have any queries about your particular requirements then please contact us using one of the methods of contact on the contact page.


We provide trimming, cutting and topping out services for any type of hedge. Maintaining your hedge can help to ensure it looks good, lets light into the garden and doesn't become unruly, taking up excess space.


We provide mowing, strimming, brush cutting and lawn treatments to help ensure your lawn looks great at any time of year. Our lawn treatment service can help strengthen the grass in your lawn, while combating unwanted moss and weeds. Have a patch of weeds or brambles? We can clear the area for you, and if required then rotovate the area and reseed it with grass to help you claim back your outside space.

Leaf blowing and collecting:

Fallen leaves can become a problem during autumn and the early part of winter, making paths slippery and smothering your lawn. We can help to ensure your paths are clear and your lawn has adequate light and air to keep it healthy.


We can help to keep your shrubs maintained by pruning or trimming them. This will keep them healthy, looking smart, let light into your garden, and stop shrubs crowding out other plants.

Garden tidy-ups:

Do you need something moving, or removing from your garden? Whether you want to move a shed into a better position, get rid of unwanted or dead plants, or remove an unwanted or unsafe feature, such as a pond or rockery we can help to ensure your garden is tidier, safer and more spacious.

Timber Fencing:

Do you have a timber fence that needs repairing or replacing? We can do that for you! Using reputable local fencing suppliers we can build, repair, or partially replace panel, close-board and decorative fencing, helping to ensure your fence is safe, keeps you secure and looks good.

Tree work:
tree work

We specialise in tree work and can take on any tree, whether it's a massive beech tree or a small conifer. We offer:

  • Crown reductions
  • Pollarding
  • Crown lifts
  • Felling
  • Dead wooding
  • Stump grinding

  • Maintaining the trees in your garden is an important aspect of keeping your home and garden safe, high winds and adverse weather conditions can pose a real risk to the stability of a tree that has not been looked after. Keeping the trees in your garden maintained can also keep them looking good, as well as being an excellent way of creating more useable space in your garden and letting the light in to your home.

    Logs and firewood:

    We can supply logs and firewood, cut to your specifications. The wood we supply is checked to ensure it has a low enough moisture content to burn well prior to delivery. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


    We can supply any amount of woodchip, from a few barrow loads worth, to several tons. Woodchip makes a great mulch for flower beds and can be used on paths to help stop them becoming slippery.

    Rustic wood:
    rustic wood

    We are able to supply various types of rustic wood, from large trunk planks, to solid blocks, seasoned or green. We're also able to supply interesting pieces such as wooden tea coasters, wooden chopping boards, wooden place mats, etc... Availability of larger pieces of rustic wood is dependant on what we have at the time, so please contact us sooner rather than later if you are interested in large blocks or planks of wood.

    Unusual requests:

    From time to time we are asked to complete some unusual and interesting work. In the past we have completed projects such as:

  • Building a tree-house
  • Creating interesting seats from old tree stumps still in the ground
  • Building a swing from a tree
  • Using "rings" of wood from a tree trunk to create stepping stones across a lawn

  • If you have an unusual request, then please don't hesitate to get in contact, we love to tackle interesting challenges!

    Small landscaping:

    We can help if you need a small landscaping job in your garden, whether you would like a wall, path, steps or a water feature built or repaired. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we are happy to supply materials or use materials you have available.